Nineteen18, an intimate 42-seat restaurant, is an improvised celebration of local products and tradition through innovative tasting menus.


Matas Paulinas is an energetic and daring personality in the kitchen. With 12 years of experience in Copenhagen, Dubai, Oslo and Monaco, Matas has developed a style of cooking that focuses on and investigates the qualities of raw ingredients. This way he can choose the right techniques to highlight these qualities in dishes of three or four components where all of them are expressed through a fun and unpredictable 2.5-hour journey in a fine dining environment with respect to the seasons and locality.

The restaurant is divided into two spaces. One of them is the main dining room with an open kitchen where only the full tasting menu consisting of at least 10 servings is available. The second space is facing large windows with a full view of Senators Passage court yard and is dedicated for quicker experiences. Only a shorter version of the menu called EleGlance is available in this space and the space itself has three tables, each accommodates 2 guests.

Tasting menu: €105


At Nineteen18, we are lucky to work with young individuals with diverse professional backgrounds. Undoubtedly it creates certain dynamics in the way we operate and, most importantly, the final result of our hard work.

Farmer’s circle

Contemporary and organic farm “Farmer’s Circle” surrounded by 500ha of pure nature and farm animals is located near Ukmergė in village called Radiškis.

The philosophy on which our farm was built is not only going organic. We believe sustainability is equal to responsibility in all our actions. Working with nature not against is a key element to all our moves.

We are operating not only as an organic farm, but also as an event and celebrations venue in the nature.


We are not accepting reservations at this time and we’ll be glad to invite you to Nineteen18 at Senatorių Pasažas as soon as restrictions for hospitality industry are lifted in 2021.

Friends of Nineteen18

A list of friends that took a part in creating and continue playing a very important role at Senators Passage.

For interior that speaks for itself.

For unexpected and intimate decorations.


For unconventional woodworks.

The principles of Lithuanian cuisine

The principles of Lithuanian cuisine are defined on the basis of accumulated folk experience and universal values.

The basis for these principles is the approach to local and imported produce, multiculturality, vivid seasonality and the cyclicality that it shapes. The conception of a spiral is used as both conceptual and visual means of expression. Everything is summarized by the main tenets of cooking which work as references towards what should be aimed for while employing them.

The principles of Lithuanian cooking encompass not only local contexts, but also those relevant all over the world: traditions and locality, adaptation to natural conditions, sustainability and collaboration.

Contact us

We can’t wait to welcome you to Nineteen18.

If you have any questions feel free to call us Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 17:00 or write us an email.